I took a break after finishing Persona Non Grata, and in 1991 I answered an ad in The Stranger, a free Seattle alternative scene rag that included classified ads for musicians. The ad was looking for a singer who could record the lead vocals for a finished studio project.

I met Wayde Cooper, a guitar player who had started a band called Axis that included Dave Beardsley (drums) and Jim Beseda (bass). After I recorded the lead vocals for their project, they added me as the permanent lead singer and off we went. Jeff Smoots (guitar) joined later.

We first practiced in Dave's garage, but then eventually rented our own storage space. We played all originals, and spent almost a year playing in rock clubs all over the greater Seattle area.

Eventually we got around to recording a new project. In the middle of it, Jim quit to do other things, and the bass player we picked up was not dependable at all (he still owes me $300, lol).

At some point in late 1992 or early 1993, one band member talked the others into booting me, and that was it for my stint in Axis.

I don't have any studio stuff handy, but here's a video of a live performance we did back in a rock club called the Farside Tavern (aka Mad Dogs) back in 1992:

Tighten The Chains