Continuous Audio Transmission

In 2009, somehow Dave Beardsley from the old Axis band found me on Myspace before I finished deleting all my social media accounts.

He told me about some old live videos of Axis that Jeff Smoots had uploaded to YouTube, so I visited the channel and had a good time going down memory lane.

Then I looked up Jeff's web site and read in his bio that he always regretted never finishing the Axis recording project. I sent him an email saying I'd be willing to help finish it, and then he contacted Wayde Cooper. The three of us formed a new project called Continuous Audio Transmission.

We were all past the "I wanna be a rock star" stage of our lives, so it was really just a hobby we all tinkered at here and there.

In December 2020 I was given my walking papers for having opinions that reduced me to pariah status, such as not being willing to hate Donald Trump, and thinking it might be possible that the media is misleading us about entities like Antifa and the Proud Boys. So that was that.

We managed to complete and upload seven out of the eleven planned songs.

Here's a link to the six originals we finished:

CAT4rock channel

Here's a link to the one cover we recorded, a song originally recorded by Triumph:

Fight The Good Fight