In 1981, I was working at a theater called Lewis & Clark Cinemas, and I made friends with a guitar player named John Cairns. I had already graduated high school the previous year, but John was still in school. He had a friend named Greg Burrows who played drums with him, and another friend named Brian Beck who played guitar. I loved to sing, so we had a lot to talk about.

Conversations led to practicing together, and Leadfoot was born. We didn't get around to writing any originals, though I wanted to. We just played covers from bands like Bad Company, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and others.

We never had a permanent bass player, but for two shows we played in the Highline High School auditorium, Mike Starr played bass for us. He didn't stick around though, as he had other plans (Alice in Chains).

Sadly, all recordings are lost in the mists of time. I never got the one really good recording we had of us performing Victim of Changes (a Judas Priest song) back from Mike, so that will have to remain in the memories of all 1200+ students at Highline High School who heard it that day (October 1, 1981).

The band broke up due to John heading off to college at WWU in Pullman, and Brian had other responsibilities he needed to attend to. Not sure what happened with Greg.