Persona Non Grata

I took a break after leaving Blackstone, and bought a guitar and a keyboard/sequencer.

I converted my small apartment's bedroom closet into a tiny recording studio, and started writing songs on my own, using a Fostex 4-track. I think I wrote around 50 or so, and decided to record my own solo project.

I wasn't making big money back then (the late 80's), and there wasn't any home studio digital awesomeness that we take for granted these days, so I worked a second job for 18 months to help save up the $10,000 I ended up spending in a 24-track recording studio.

When the whole project was finished in 1990, I didn't have a clue how to market it, so other than giving friends some copies of the tape (yes, we still played cassette tapes back then), I pretty much let it die.

The project had 10 songs, and I have a tape in a box somewhere, and haven't tried to digitize it. After all this time, the tape is probably too worn or damaged to play.

If I ever find it and manage to successfully digitize it, I'll upload the entire project.