In 1993, a year after leaving Axis, I answered a musician's classified ad in The Stranger again.

I met Bill D'luhosh and Brandon Arnold, who had a musical project but needed a singer. They were writing and recording under the name Jolly Roger. I got the gig and we worked together for a while, until Brandon got a little too angry and I decided to leave.

A little while after that, Bill called to see if I'd like to collaborate with just him, and I said that was cool. He still worked with Brandon, but I didn't have a problem with that.

Unfortunately Brandon had a problem with Bill working with me, so Bill said goodbye to his longtime musical partner and he and I formed a duo called RED and BLACK.

Bill and I played together for several years, appearing at coffee shops all around the Puget Sound area, and produced one self-titled CD. It was physically available for years from a site called, but then CDbaby closed its doors and sent us back all the CDs.

I grew tired of trying to "make it" in music and decided to call it quits. Bill was super cool about it and we parted as friends. He's still my best friend, and I named my son after him.

Bill has continued playing music (it's his actual job, he's a music therapist), and has collaborated with others through the years.

One of the things YouTube does is auto-generate playlists based on topic, and thanks to that algorithm, all the songs on our CD are available (in order as they appear on the CD) here:

start of RED and BLACK playlist